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At Wayne Water Districts, we are committed to providing safe, high quality water services to our community, while maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation.


Wayne Water Districts: a permanent establishment in the United States of America.

Eastern Wayne Sanitary District DBA Wayne Water Districts

Belfast-Patetown Sanitary District DBA Wayne Water Districts

Northwestern Wayne Sanitary District DBA Wayne Water Districts

Southeastern Wayne Sanitary District DBA Wayne Water Districts

Southwestern Wayne Sanitary District DBA Wayne Water Districts

These Districts are an equal opportunity provider.

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COVID-19, Past Due Accounts & Payment Plans

August 13, 2020

Wayne Water Districts understands the critical role of water in regards to basic needs, health and overall well-being. With that in mind, we have implemented the following temporary changes to our operations until further notice.

We understand how difficult times are right now. Effective July 29th, Executive Order 124/142 has expired and we will resume cutoffs for nonpayment of accounts on August 31, 2020. Payment plans are available for customers with unpaid balances from March 31, 2020 until July 29, 2020. Payment Plans are NOT automatic and you must contact our office prior to August 31, 2020 to setup the plan to avoid any interruption in service. Late Fees and service fees will...

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Imagine a Day without Water

Imagine a Day without Water

October 01, 2020

Could you go a day without water? No water to drink or make coffee? No water to shower, brush your teeth, flush the toilet, or do laundry? No water for firefighters to put out fires. No water for farmers to water their crops. 

We know that water is essential.  That’s why we want you to know about a nationwide educational effort called “Imagine a Day Without Water.” On October 21, the Value of Water Coalition is coordinating a national advocacy and educational event, Imagine a Day Without Waterto raise awareness about the most essential natural resource we have: Water.  Across the country, water agencies, mayors, engineers, contractors, business leaders, community members, schools, organizations, corporations, environmental advocates, and more are joining together to educate people about how water is essential, the challenges facing water and wastewater systems, and the need for investment.

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