Board Members

Listed below are Wayne Water Districts Board Members name and title.  In order to attend a board meeting, you must call and speak to our office manager, Christine, to be added to the agenda. (919)731-2310 Ext. 229 or Email:

BPSD Secretary Arrington Anderson  
BPSD Chairman Ben Casey  
BPSD Vice-Chairman Drew Hill  
BPSD Assistant Secretary John Gardner  
BPSD Finance Officer Ray Sullivan  
EWSD Chairman Daryl Anderson  
EWSD Secretary Richard Carraway, Jr  
EWSD Finance Officer Brandon Gray  
EWSD Vice-Chairman James Sutton  
EWSD Assistant Secretary Ervin Watts  
NWWSD Chairman Walter Bridgers  
NWWSD Assistant Secretary Joey Threewitts  
NWWSD Vice-Chairman Dale Kirby  
NWWSD Finance Officer Danny Tillman  
NWWSD Secretary Kenneth Tucker  
SEWSD Secretary Charlie Holloway  
SEWSD Assistant Secretary Debony Jones  
SEWSD Finance Officer Bobby Outlaw  
SEWSD Chairman Phil Shivar  
SEWSD Vice-Chairman James Taylor  
SWWSD Chairman David Bennett  
SWWSD Finance Officer Jimmy Cox  
SWWSD Vice-Chairman Kelly Hughes  
SWWSD Assistant Secretary Jeremy King  
SWWSD Secretary Daryll Overton