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NOTICE is hereby given that the Boards for Southwestern Wayne Sanitary District, Southeastern Wayne Sanitary District, Eastern Wayne Sanitary District and Belfast-Patetown Sanitary District  at a regular board meeting each declared all of the District’s old water meters and cast iron water meter box lids as surplus property  and authorized the District Manager and/or Operations Manager to dispose of the surplus property by Private Sale at a negotiated price in accord with NCGS §160A-267. The sale shall be subject to a minimum price of $1.50 per pound for the water meters and $11.00 per one hundred pounds for the meter box lids.


This 13th day of April, 2024.

Southwestern Wayne  Sanitary District

Southeastern Wayne Sanitary District

Eastern Wayne Sanitary District

Belfast-Patetown Sanitary District

Larry Bridges, District Manager


Publish April 13, 2024.